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About AmeriSpeak

AmeriSpeak® is a research panel where members get rewards when they share their opinions. Members represent their communities when they answer surveys online, through the AmeriSpeak App, or by phone. Membership on the AmeriSpeak Panel is by invitation only. Policymakers and business leaders use AmeriSpeak survey results to make decisions that impact our lives. Tell us your thoughts on issues important to you, your everyday life, and topics in the news such as health care, finance, education, technology, and society.


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You receive AmeriPoints as a thank you when you complete an AmeriSpeak survey. 1,000 AmeriPoints=$1. You and anyone in your household who joins will get 20,000 AmeriPoints (equal to $20) or more for completing the first survey. Then you get AmeriPoints equal to $2 to $5, sometimes even more, for each additional survey you take.

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